Saturday, September 27, 2008

The story

Esther-Victor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
I wanted to make a story about the effect of the Second Worldwar on 'normal' people. Not one with big battles and lots of blood, but a story about what happened to people who had to survive under the pressure of the enemy during the five years lasting war.
Splinters tells the story of young people losing their youth, their friends, their love  and their belief in the future. Main characters are Victor and Esther. He, a normal boy, son of a baker, living in a small village and serving the army at the beginning of the war. She, a Jewish refugee from fascist Germany, a smart girl, daughter of an antique-trader and living in the same village as Victor. They are deeply in love with each other, but then the war breaks out. In the following chaotic period they lose sight of each other: Victor fights at the warfront and Esther flees,forced by her father, together with her mother and sister.
Only a year after the war has ended Victor and Esther find each other back and can tell their stories.

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