Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inspirated by...

Affiches1-1.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
I was born in 1961 and didn't experience the Second Worldwar myself. But in Splinters I want to reflect the atmosphere of that period as good as possible. I have seen a lot of images and movies about the war, but what I found very characteristic from that period are the propaganda posters, from both the Allies and the Germans.
Affiches2.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
They look very heroïc and strong. I especially like the contrast between light and dark and the use of color. It gives strong shadows on faces, clothes and objects. And that results in very clear, almost graphical images. 
I try to translate that style into my drawings and catch that recognizable atmosphere. And by using strong shadows, greyish colors, sepia and clear imagery, I hope to give my story its 'own' Second Worldwar feeling.
2Paginas.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

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