Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uncle Cor

OmeCor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
My uncle Cor was one of the soldiers who stayed at my grandparents house when the war broke out (He's also playing a role in Splinters). He became my uncle when he married my fathers sister (I wasn't born yet). I loved him very much because he was always joking and also stimulated me to use my drawing-talent. As a matter of fact he could draw quite good himself and learned me, for instance, how to draw a good motorcycle.
You can find an example of one of his practical jokes in the story Spierballen in my first book Verbleekte Herinneringen.
The picture in this post shows my uncle (on the right) while he's building sheds before the war, together with his fellow-soldiers. If you take a look at the picture you see young men (some look almost like movie-stars...) looking curious, self confident and gentle into the camera, not knowing what's going to happen to them.
I got this picture from somebody who has written a book about the history of the small village where my grandparents lived at that time.

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