Sunday, July 12, 2009


Muizentheater.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Peter van Dongen is one of my favourite Dutch artists. He's especially known for his two Rampokan books and a lot of illustration-work. But he made his debut in 1990 with Muizentheater, a story about two boys: Daan and Henkie. The two brothers grew up in Amsterdam in the thirties, a period of worldwide crisis. Their father is an alcoholic and their mother earns some extra's with her body. Not an ideal situation for two young boys in their childhood. The younger Daan joins the upcoming Nazi's, the other one, Henk, becomes a cool and hard one. The end of the story is not a happy one.
The artwork is in a very crispy black and white and you can feel the influence of Hergé. Want to find out? Read Muizentheater and don't miss the two Rampokan books!

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