Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cover for Scherven

CoverScherven.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Currently I'm still working hard on Splinters (the Dutch title is Scherven). I am coloring the last set of pages, put in the text at those pages, create the titlepage etc.... In other words, still a lot to do. I hope to finish the book around the end of january. The planning is it will appear in may 2010.
In the meanwhile I like to show you the cover as it is now (It might slightly change in the next weeks). On the illustration you see Victor biking away from his village. In the background a formation of bombers, on its way to bring destruction. It is an image taken from one of the last scenes of the book and is made in a graphic style that refers to the propaganda posters that appeared during wartime. Also the use colors on the cover refers to that period as does the typography. Not only in the book but also on the cover I try to catch the atmosphere of the war as good as I can.

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Klarelijninternational said...

Great cover. Very esthetic. I enjoy.