Saturday, November 1, 2008

Making illustrations for a change

IllustrVictor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
The new story Splinters I'm currently working on, is going to be a long one. I think Book One will consist of 250 to 300 pages. Apart from my daily work as a designer, it means a drawing-marathon during evenings and week-ends and it asks a lot of discipline to bring the story to an end. 
IllustrChris.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Don't misunderstand me, I like drawing it, but sometimes I feel like doing something else for a change. For instance making illustrations related to Splinters. I use different material then, like pastel pencils. They give a sensitive, grainy character that fits nice to the atmosphere of the story. I like to show you some of the illustrations now and then. Here are the first three of the maincharacters of Splinters.
IllustrEsther.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

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Love these scetches!