Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I'm participating in this year's Kunststripbeurs this saturday (21st of march) in the Nicolaikerk, Utrecht.
Doors open at 10 o'clock. Apart from my other work I will bring a special leporello of my short story 'Eindelijk bevrijd'. A numbered (25 copies) and signed edition with some extras. And a signed print for those who will buy 'Scherven'. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I've started coloring the sequel on 'Scherven', it will be called 'Littekens'. First I've done a prologue, here are some images.

Uit het Laagland

Besides 'Scherven' I'm also working on a smaller project called 'Uit het Laagland'. You could call it a Graphic Letter (instead of a Graphic Novel). The beautiful script is written by Oliver Kerkdijk.
It's a letter from a young man from France, called Vincent, to his grandfather. He is following the track of is grandpa by bicycle from France to the Netherlands. On that journey he discovers the places where is granddad has lived.
The story will be drawn in warm grey with red and blue accents.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Op Missie

October 2014 'Op Missie' was published by Strip 2000. The book contains 10 stories made by 10 authors about War-veterans on a mission. I was one of the participants and made a story about Ton Herbrink. A 96 year old veteran who fought together with the Allied Forces against the Germans and helped to liberate Holland as a commander of the Prinses Irene Brigade.
He never spoke about his war experiences until he visited Nromandy, 40 years later. So my story starts there and is called 'Eindelijk Bevrijd' ("Liberated at last').
Every artist also has drawn his own cover, so 10 stories about 10 war-veterans made by 10 authors in a book with 10 different covers: 'Op Missie'.

Currently I'm working on a special limited edition, a Leporello, with my story, extra drawings and signed and numbered. More about it soon.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Interview 'Avro' Kunstuur' sunday 27th of april

Coming sunday, 27th of april a series of portraits of graphic novels authors starts on Dutch TV in the art-program Avro's Kunstuur:  

I will be the first guest and talk about 'Scherven' and the sequel I'm currently working on.

So sunday 27-4, Ned. 2, 18.45 hours. Don't miss it!

Reviews of 'Eclats'

Beginnig of March 'Eclats' ('Scherven' in Dutch) appeared in French comics-stores. Since then I've received quite some beautiful reviews and done an interview with Klare Lijn International:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pictured by Gert Jan Pos

Picture: Gert Jan Pos

Comicspromotor Gert Jan Pos portrays one artist every week. Recently he made a series of pictures of me, in the typical Dutch landscape you find in my stories. This one was our favorite, because of the landscape, the rhytm and the light. I think it's beautiful.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

'Scherven' in French and new pages.

Next september La Pasteque will publish the French version -Éclats- of 'Scherven' in Canada. In november you can find in France. I proudly present you the cover.

 photo OmslagclatsProvisory.jpg

Currently I'm also working on the sequel and end of 'Scherven 2'. Here are some pages.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Two magazines published interviews about my Marten Toonder drawings. First it was Stripschrift with a two page article and a cover illustration.
Last week 'Goede Papieren', the magazine of 'Letterkundig Museum' came out with a 4 page-interview.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Interested in Toonder illustrations?

Are you interested in the illustrations I've made about Marten Toonder? There's a nice booklet in which they are collected and each of the illustrations are available as a Piezography, signed and numbered.
If you want to order something, please send me an email:

The booklet, containing all 6 illustrations with real cut out windows.
Price: Euro 7,50 (without shipping costs)
(I will of course sign it for you)

Piezography The Bommelstories, 70x50 cm, 35 copies, signed and numbered,
Price: 100,- (without shipping costs)

Piezographies Childhood, Toonderstudio's, Toonders' language,
Care for the environment, Ireland, 70x50 cm, 7 copies, signed and numbered,
Price: 200,- each (without shipping costs).

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marten Toonder, Een Dubbel Denkraam.

100 years ago the famous Marten Toonder, creator of f.i. 'the Bommel-stories' was born. At 'the Letterkundig Museum' The Hague an exhibition about his life and works runs till the 31th of january 2013.
Marten Toonder was a man with 2 sides: artist and writer, loner and actor, realist and magician... I was asked to catch those characteristics in 6 illustrations on the most important themes of his life:
his childhood in Rotterdam, Toonderstudio's in WW2, his characteristic use of language, care for the environment, his Bommel-stories and his life in Ireland.
In every illustration I created an inside and outside world, which contain a kind of contrast.
The illustrations are printed on 100 x 70 cm's in the lenticular technique, which gives a magical effect, because details change when walking by.

If you like you can order the illustrations as Piezographies (that's not a Lenticular, but a beautiful Full Color print) , signed and numbered, on 70 x 50 cm's. The museum also published a booklet, in which the window of each illustration is cut out.
Interested in a piezography or the booklet? Please send me an email: erikdegraafcomics@gmail.com



Toonders' language

Care for the environment

the Bommel-stories


the Booklet

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last two strips

Here are my last two strips for the 'Bovenbazen' story in NRC. All strips will be published as a collection by 'de Bezige Bij'. Presented at the opening of the 'Toonder-expo' at 'Letterkundig museum' on the 11th of october and in store half of october. I really liked working on it!