Sunday, February 27, 2011


During the seventies Sjef van Oekel was a TV-personality created by Wim T. Schippers. He was a clumsy, chaotic character that became very popular because of his jokes and typical way of talking. In 1976 he even got his own comic created by Schippers and the Dutch Klare Lijn artist Theo van den Boogaard. The comic also became very popular and was even translated to other countries, although the stories and jokes were very Dutch.

Next april a second collection of the Van Oekel comics will appear and the publisher asked several Klare Lijn artists -like Joost Swarte and Hanco Kolk- to create a tribute to the character and Van den Boogaard. I already can show you my creation, in which you can discover somebody familiar...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review Jeux de mémoire

On the website wmaker David Fournol has written a very nice review on Jeux de mémoire.
Okay, it's in French, but since I can understand the language I can read that he is quite positive about the book. The most beautiful compliment (translated) for me:
"You have the same dream as Muis (=maincharacter) when he wants his grandmother to make him a Batman suit. You feel the same fear when Muis is hunted by a dog at a car-graveyard. You laugh together with Muis when he discovers his granddad's miracle-product to get muscles is a joke".

For those who like to read the complete review in French, click here.