Saturday, September 5, 2009

Splinters cover

SchetsenOmslag.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
It becomes clear to me when I will finish the first book of Splinters. The plan now is that it wil be published spring 2010 (may/june). That's why I have done some work on the cover. But also Oog & Blik / de Bezige Bij needs a first impression of the cover for their 2010 catalogue.
I've done some sketches, but as I see it now it will be the drawing in the middle. It shows Victor in a hurry on his bike. (Where is he going?) It refers to a scene in the book. I hope to show the definitive version within some weeks.
I have also worked on the cover of the french translation of 'Verzamelde herinneringen': 'Souvenirs Perdus'. I hope to show it to you soon.

Last pages

Schetsenpaginas-1.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
I'm back from holiday in France, the country of 'la bande dessinée". Two weeks in Brittanny and a couple of days in Paris.
We had a good time with nice, sometimes really hot weather. I had enough time to make sketches of the last pages -some 55- of Splinters. Including the background quire it brings the book to some 250 pages. And this is only the first book...
Schetsenpaginas2.jpg picture by erikdegraaf