Monday, October 19, 2009

Alan's War

AlansWar.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Emmanuel Guibert already made a lot of different books. Not long ago I read Alan's War. A book about American G.I. Alan Cope's memories of the Second Worldwar, written and drawn by Guibert. A very moving story of a soldier who was transported to France to fight against the enemy. The images are done in subtle grey-tones which give the story even more dimensions.
I really recommend this book. Language can not be the problem, Alan's War is available in French, English and Dutch.
AlansWar2.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

Muis does New York

Parsons.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Dutch comic promotor Gert Jan Pos is working hard to spread comics from the Lowlands. A couple of weeks ago he was in the Big Apple to give a presentation called 'Understanding Dutch comics' at the famous Parsons, the new school for design. And look who was also there: Muis travelled together with Gert Jan to open the presentation!

Carnets de Guerre

CarnetsdeGuerre.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Jacques Martin is especially known from his Alex and Le Franc stories. But a while ago, in a shop in Paris, I found a carnet with drawings about the Second Worldwar made by him. I was really impressed by the realistic style and the dramatic atmosphere of the images. All where made in soft grey pencil. Carnets de Guerre is edited by Casterman.