Monday, August 30, 2010

Proud to present...

Last week I received the first printed copies of 'Jeux de mémoire' edited by La Pasteque. I'm very proud of it, it looks marvelous. A hardcover edition, 148 pages, beautifully designed by the people of La Pasteque.
'Jeux de mémoire' will appear first in Quebec (Canada) next october and after that in France, january next year.
I'm also invited by La Pasteque to attend the Angouleme-festival to sign my debut in France. I'm really looking forward to it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mooi is dat!

MooiisdatCover.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
One reason I was so busy during the last weeks: a project called 'Mooi is dat!'. It's an idea from Gert Jan Pos (Hollands Comics-promotor), a book with the fifty higlights of Dutch literature, but then translated in images by fifty Dutch and Flemish artists. And I will be one of them, which I think is an honour. Some other artists are: Joost Swarte, Erik Kriek, Guido van Driel, Pieter de Poortere, Randall C. etc...
Every artist has chosen his favorite piece. Mine is the poem 'Denkend aan Holland' by Hendrik Marsman. A legendary poem which describes in a beautiful, but also threatening way the Dutch landscape. 'Denkend aan Holland' was chosen as the favorite poem of the 20th century. Really an honour for me to draw it... in one page.

My page is finished, but I can't show it be fore the book is published. 'Mooi is dat!' will be presented beginning of november and there will be a (travelling) expo that starts in the Library of Amsterdam.

Reactions on Scherven

OmslagSchervenDef.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
It's a while ago that I posted something. I have been busy (see next post) and have had my holidays. But here I am again. More than 2 months ago I was on the Haarlem Comic-festival to sign 'Scherven'. It's always nice to be there. I was quite busy signing books and got compliments from people who already had read it. I also must say that there was quite a lot of publicity around the book.
There has been written about it in Dutch and Belgian newspapers, in Comic magazines in both countries and on several websites. I have also done some interviews for magazines and radio. The reviews were mainly positive to very positive, and I am -off course- very happy with that. But I also enjoy reactions of readers I got, like: "I felt sorry the book ended" and "When will Book Two appear?" Great!
If you want to read some quotes read this post. I hope I can bring you some more news about 'Scherven' within a few weeks...