Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Presentation Filmfanfare

As I mentioned before, on the 31th of march, during the Comic Art Fair in Utrecht, Filmfanfare will be presented. The book contains tributes to 50 Dutch movies by f.i. Joost Swarte, Hank Kolk, Guido van Driel and Erik Kriek. You will find movies like 'Turks Fruit', 'de Aanslag', 'de Vierde Man' and 'Soldaat van Oranje', which is my contribution. The first copy of the book will be handed to somebody well known from the movies. Who? That's still unknown. The presentation starts at 14.00 hrs. Within a few days I will show you some sketches of my work.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Comic Art Fair 2012

On saturday the 31th of march I will attend the Comic Art Fair in the the St. Jans church in Utrecht. I will bring all kind of different stuff. Also the book 'Filmfanfare' (including my contribution 'Soldaat van Oranje') will be launched. More information coming soon.

New pages Scherven sequel.

After doing some different project I've been working on the sequel to Scherven for the last months.
I've done the line artwork of more than 50 pages till now. Here are some.