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Verbleekte Herinneringen
This first volume of my childhood-memories contains three stories in which my alter-ego Muis tries to become as strong as his granddad, discovers that a cardump has a very strange guard and finally he thinks his favourite rabbit is served for dinner at Easter. This last story appeared in the Drawn and Quarterly Showcase #2.
Softcover, Full colour, Language: Dutch, € 5,-

Gekleurd Geheugen
In this second volume Muis discovers in the summer of '69 that for some Germans the war isn't over yet. And when he stays at his grandparents another -uninvited- guest frightens people at night.
Softcover, Full colour, Language: Dutch, € 5,-

Gevonden Verleden
The third volume about Muis contains two stories. One in which Muis and his friend try to become the Superheroes of the village. The second story shows Muis at a very strange birthday-party. This volume was nominated for the Stripschapsprijs, category Dutch literature, in 2004.
Softcover, Full colour, Language: Dutch, € 5,-

Verzamelde Herinneringen
This is the collection of the three 'Muis-books'. It's printed in a limited edition and accompanied by a signed silkscreen-print. Canadian editor La Pasteque has published this book in French in 2010: 'Jeux de mémoire'.
Softcover, Full colour, Language: Dutch, € 25,-

Ingelijste Herinneringen
This booklet came together with the exhibition 'Ingelijste Herinneringen' at Galerie Lambiek, Amsterdam, in 2005. It's printed in a very limited edition and signed and numbered. The booklet contains illustrations that refer to the 'Muis-books'.
Softcover, Full colour, € 10,-

Memories Postcards
A set of six postcards showing pages of the 'Muis-books'.
Full colour, € 5,-

The first volume of the highly praised war-story about ordinary people (click here for press-reviews). Victor and Esther are lovers before the war, but when the Germans invade Holland in 1940, they lose each other. A year after the war has ended they meet again at a cemetery where they both tell their dramatic story. If you want to order the book click here.
Softcover, Full colour, Language: Dutch, € 22,90

Scherven Postcards
A set of six postcards showing drawings from Scherven.
Full colour, € 5,-

Mooi is dat!
Mooi is dat! is a beautiful edition with more than 50 highlights from Dutch literature, each translated into one comic-page by artists like Joost Swarte, Erik Kriek, Dick Matena, Guido van Driel, Gerrit de Jager and more. My contribution is a visual translation of the poem 'Herinnering aan Holland' by Hendrik Marsman. You can order the book here.
Hard cover, Full colour, Language: Dutch, € 34,95

Signed print 'Herinnering aan Holland'
My contribution to 'Mooi is dat!' as a signed colour-print.
Full colour, € 20,-