Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ansichts2.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Especially for the coming exposition I have produced two sets of postcards. Each set consists of six cards and is wrapped in a semi-transparant bag. One set shows pages from my graphic novels, but without text. The nice thing is that even without words the images seem to tell a small story.
The other six cards carry images of my new story Scherven. All illustrations show scenes taking place in may 1940. On five of them you can see things that happen in the story on the 10th of may 1940, the day the Germans invaded Holland. The adventures of the maincharacter Victor on that day, will take up a large part of the first book.
Both sets will be for sale for the first time at the opening of my exposition at Lilys coming sunday.
Ansichts1Br.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Opening expo next sunday

UitnodigingLilys.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Coming sunday, 30th of november at 16.oo hrs, my exposition at Lilys will be opened. Illustrations related to my books and my new story Scherven will be shown. The work has different sizes, varying from 70x100 centimeters to 30x30 and most of the illustrations are for sale. Of course, all my work is framed and signed. Apart from enjoying the illustrations, visitors have the possibility to really step into my imagery and get an all-time memory. I realize this sounds quite mysterious, but I want to keep it that way till the opening, so come and see it!
At the opening I will sign my books and also have some new work, about which I will tell you in my next post.
Lilys is at Weimarstraat 58, The Hague and the exposition lasts till 27th of december.
At sunday 21th of december I will be at the gallery again to sign my books. I hope to see you at one of these days!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have got an invitation from Lily Priester to expose illustration-work in her Gallery Lilys in The Hague! Lily wants to show all kind of different forms of art in her gallery: from paintings to textile art, from sculptures to photography and now also comic-related illustrations. The opening of my exposition will be at sunday the 30th of november at 16.00 hours. 
Beet.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
From then on I will show work related to my first three graphic novels and work that has to do with my new story Scherven. At the opening I also will sign my books for everybody who want to buy one. Within a short time I will tell you more about the expo.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Making illustrations for a change

IllustrVictor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
The new story Splinters I'm currently working on, is going to be a long one. I think Book One will consist of 250 to 300 pages. Apart from my daily work as a designer, it means a drawing-marathon during evenings and week-ends and it asks a lot of discipline to bring the story to an end. 
IllustrChris.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Don't misunderstand me, I like drawing it, but sometimes I feel like doing something else for a change. For instance making illustrations related to Splinters. I use different material then, like pastel pencils. They give a sensitive, grainy character that fits nice to the atmosphere of the story. I like to show you some of the illustrations now and then. Here are the first three of the maincharacters of Splinters.
IllustrEsther.jpg picture by erikdegraaf