Sunday, March 28, 2010


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Now that I have finished Scherven (Splinters) I'm busy doing the preparation of the introduction of the book. Both Oog & Blik and De Bezige Bij are informing the press. I've been asked to do a signing-session on the 1st of may at comic-shop Yendor in Rotterdam to present the book. I have designed some material for that event. To start with an pre-announcement. There are two versions of it, which are both used. In the next weeks I will show you the real announcement and the poster.
I have base one of the versions on the look and feel of the propaganda-posters which were used during the Second Worldwar. The other looks more like a package with secret information in it.
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The Canadian cartoonist Seth has been one my top-favorite artists for along time. I share his love for the nostalgic and I admire his beautiful artwork. Seth has published some books like 'It's a good life if you don't weaken', 'Clyde Fans', 'Wimbledon Green' and his tremendous 'Vernicular Drawings' as well as the anthology 'Palookaville'. Not long ago 'George Sprott' came out. A king size book about the fictive George Sprott. Filled with short stories, interviews, large drawings and card-board buildings, made by Seth himself. I find this book a masterpiece and want to show you some pages. If you want to experience it yourself: buy it!
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomas Ross quotes on cover!

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I've been a fan of the Dutch thriller-writer Tomas Ross for a long time. He has written an amount of books and scripts for Tv which they call faction: stories that are a combination of facts and fiction. What I didn't know is that Tomas Ross also likes comics.
Because I admire his work I'm very proud that he praises my new book Scherven on the back-cover:
'Een fantastisch tijdsbeeld van de eerste oorlogsdagen. In zijn unieke, sobere teken- en vertelstijl roept Erik de Graaf met een perfect gevoel voor detail na zeventig jaar nog de sfeer van toen op alsof het pas gisteren was!'

Scherven finished!

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Five years ago I started working on my book Scherven. Apart from my full-time job I worked on it during the evening hours and week-ends. Last week I have send the digital files to the printer in Belgium. The book will come out at the end of april, just before Liberation-day.
I am happy it's finished, especially the last months I've worked very hard on it. The first reactions I get are very positive!
Oog & Blik and de Bezige Bij are managing all publicity, so I'm curious what will come out of that. I can already say that there will be a book-presentation and that I will give some background information and insights about the book on the website Stripspeciaalzaak every saturday in april. I will come back with more details later!


I realise that it's too long ago that I've posted a message on my blog. But I hope the excuse is valid: I've worked extremely hard to finish my book Scherven.
The book is at the printer now and it will come out at end of april, just before the 65th birthday of Hollands liberation from the Germans, a good moment I think.
Although the amount of visitors of my weblog grows bit by bit, it would be nice if more people came by. I promise I will post more frequently again from now on.
The nicest thing would be if you would become a FOLLOWER, you can subscribe on the right of this post. And it also would be very kind if you could send my blog-adress to other people who you think might like it. Thanks in advance!


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One of my favorit authors since a couple of years is Michel Rabagliati. I love his Paul-stories and the way he draws them. At the famous Angouleme-festival the last Paul-book- 'Paul a Quebec'- was awarded with the 'Fauve Fnac/SNCF-Pris du Public'. Congratulations for Michel Rabagliati!
An advice from me: try to find the Paul-books, some are translated in English, some in Dutch.