Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scherven finished!

OmslagSchervenDef.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Five years ago I started working on my book Scherven. Apart from my full-time job I worked on it during the evening hours and week-ends. Last week I have send the digital files to the printer in Belgium. The book will come out at the end of april, just before Liberation-day.
I am happy it's finished, especially the last months I've worked very hard on it. The first reactions I get are very positive!
Oog & Blik and de Bezige Bij are managing all publicity, so I'm curious what will come out of that. I can already say that there will be a book-presentation and that I will give some background information and insights about the book on the website Stripspeciaalzaak every saturday in april. I will come back with more details later!

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