Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book presentation at Yendor well visited

TafelYendor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Yesterday afternoon my new book Scherven was presented at Yendor in Rotterdam. After a very kind welcome-speech of Mara of Oog & Blik/De Bezige Bij I presented the first two copies to my cousins Dick and Johan. Their fathers fought at my grandparents village at the beginning of the Second Worldwar. I used parts of their story in Scherven.
MensenYendor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
My cousin Dick also had beautiful words about my grandmother, grandfather and mother and how his father Cor felt very much at home at their little house in those frightening days.
After that I started signing my books for a couple of hours in a very nice atmosphere. There were a lot of people and I ended the afternoon at almost fifty signed books.
I enjoyed the presentation very much and I'm happy with all the kind words about my work and my new book!
SignerenYendor.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

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