Friday, May 20, 2011

Comic for Dutch National History Museum

Every year the Dutch National History Museum has a special project. This year's one is about water and land, called 'X was hier'. Initiated by comic-intendant Gert Jan Pos, 45 artists were asked to contribute a comic about one of the places that is enlighted in the project. My choice was the 'Grebbeberg', well known because of the hard fights during the first days of the Second Worldwar.
The 'Grebbeberg' was part of a defense-mechanism against enemies used for ages that was called 'the Dutch Waterline'. The mechanism was simple: when there was a foreign threat, dams were opened to let in the water, some 40-50 centimeters, which made it impossible to invade the country. The 'Grebbeberg' was a hill in that 'Dutch waterline'.
During the mobilization in 1939 the land was put under water and when the Germans invaded Holland in may 1940, soldiers from both armies fought for 5 days on the 'Grebbeberg'. Fights in which more than 400 Dutch soldiers were killed. This story inspired me and this is my final sketch.
Within a few days I will show you the final comic. The work of all artists will be shown on the website of the museum and there are plans for a book.

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