Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A weekend in Nérac

The scenic Nérac

Last weekend I was in Nérac (France) on the Rencontres Chaland' festival together with other artists and Yves Chaland and Klare Lijn fans. Here's a short verbal and visual diary.

After a flight from Amsterdam to Bordeaux Yves Chalands sister, the very kind Odile, drove Zep and me to Nérac by car. She had thought of everything: sandwiches, grapes and drinks were brought to enlighten our ride. After arrival in Nérac and meeting some of the artists there was a tour through the village with schoolchildren, during which the kids were learned some drawing skills.
Dominique Corbasson drawing with the children of Nérac

During the tour we also saw the beautiful drawings of François Avril, presented on the wall of the village.
'Carnet de Nérac' by François Avril

Around 8 that evening, the festival was officially opened with a cocktail party. There old friends met again and new ones were made. After this a concert started in front of the castle. Several (BD)artists came on stage to show their musical talent in a vibrant rockshow. What is it with comics and music?
Zep rocks!

Charles Berberian: comics and music

Saturday started with an early signing-session. At ten o'clock the fans were there to buy their favorite books and get a 'dédidace' of the artist.
Saturday signing

I experienced that this was a very friendly festival with a high 'family-feel'. Not only fans were there, but also well-known artists like f.i. Serge Clerc, Charles Berberian and Stanislas.
Serge Clerc

Charles Berberian with Jeux de mémoire
(photo: Didier Pasamonik)

During the rest of the day I visited some exhibitions and at the end of the afternoon there was another signing session. The day ended with dinner which the artists and several fans enjoyed together.
'Highstreet' in Nérac

A day filled with more signing, more exhibitions, readings and lunch. A lot to do and to see: a discussion about comics and music, a Tillieux-exhibition, a Chaland exhibition etc...

Antonio Lapone and Cleet Boris

Outside lunch: Didier Pasamonik, Antonio Lapone and Virginie Vertonghen

Sunday evening we remained with a small group after a lot of people already had left. We had our final dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate the fantastic weekend we had together. I hope to go back one day!

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