Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beautiful words

Sometimes I get very kind reactions on my stories and books. Mostly on comic-festivals, sometimes by email. Yesterday I received one from a French fan that I'd like to share with you, because it fills me pride:
"I've just finished to read 'Jeux de mémoire' and want you to know how I loved it...The drawings fits perfectly the characters, the stories are very true (all very personnal but, in fact, everyone could recognize something he knows..)Your very film style which, with its close-up and its tight plans, strengthens the impression of intimacy with your characters.For all this, thank you...I've seen that your next book (Scherven?) is about to be published and I'm very waiting for it As I think that I'll not meet you one day, is it possible to have a drawing to put in your book, it'll be a wonderful gift...Thank you for this and, once again, congratulations..."

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Anonymous said...

How sweet!