Sunday, February 22, 2009

Splinters so far

Pag153.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
After my exposition and making a New Yearscard for Klare Lijn International, I am focusing completely on Splinters, my new story, again. I work in parts at the story normally. That means that I do sketches, line-drawings and color-work of 30 to 40 pages together. In that way I can keep the overview and it gives me some variation. Currently I am working from page 139 to page 177 (and that's still not the end of Book 1).
Pag146-1.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

After Esther and Victor have found each other back at the cemetery, Victor is telling her what has happened to him during the first weeks of the war. After the capitulation all soldiers, including Victor, had to go back to their camp. After a few days everybody who could prove they had a job, could go to their hometown.
At the end of may 1940 Victor, together with his mate Chris, are on their way home by bicycle. Along the way they are stopped by some German soldiers, who are watching over a crashed German plane. The situation then gets quite tensed...
I show you some of the sketched pages. 
Pag167.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

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