Monday, March 9, 2009

More illustrations

VictorinDuinen.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
As I wrote before, sometimes I feel like doing some illustration-work after drawing page after page. Most of the time these drawings are connected to Splinters, the story I'm currently working on. Making an illustration gives the nice feeling of creating something that I can finish quite soon.
I visualize situations that could happen in the story in the future or that are just connected to the Second Worldwar, like the 'spying-scene' above.
VictormetPet.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
It's also an opportunity to explore different techniques. I have done some water color ones and I've made some with colored pencil. In the future I like to try some other techniques like f.i. charcoal and scraper board.
I do most of my illustrations when I'm on holiday or some days off. It gives me the rest to try something else and often I get inspired by the landscape I'm in.
HetPlan.jpg picture by erikdegraaf

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