Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pages Souvenirs Perdus

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Currently I'm working on the last part of Splinters (Dutch title will be 'Scherven'), but I'm also reworking the pages for the French translation of 'Verzamelde Herinneringen', Souvenirs Perdus, which will appear next year at La Pasteque.
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The adjustments I make have to do with the coloring. I wasn't 100% happy with the print-result of the Dutch edition. I found the colors a bit too heavy and saturated, so I'm making them a bit lighter and brighter.
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I will also change the textballoons -no black outlines but with a shadow underneath- and remove the outlines of the images. It gives the pages a 'blonder' and more accessible look. Here I show some different pages.
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The reason there is no text in it is that La Pasteque will do a new lettering. I hope I can show you the definitive cover of Souvenirs Perdus soon!
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