Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cover Souvenirs Perdus

CoverSouvenirsPerdus-1.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
Lately I have finished the reworking of the stories that are going to appear in Souvenirs Perdus (I showed you some in my last post). Now I can show you the provisory cover of the book. The design is made by the graphic designer of La Pasteque. He has created a clean, strong lay-out in which Muis, showing his biceps, plays the mainrole.The used colors are crisp and clean, just as they are inside the book. The typography is clear and contemporary.
The plan still is to bring out the book in the second half of next year. I will keep you informed (also about the definitive cover)!

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Geert said...

Good news ! A possibility to read you in French !!!