Monday, August 16, 2010

Reactions on Scherven

OmslagSchervenDef.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
It's a while ago that I posted something. I have been busy (see next post) and have had my holidays. But here I am again. More than 2 months ago I was on the Haarlem Comic-festival to sign 'Scherven'. It's always nice to be there. I was quite busy signing books and got compliments from people who already had read it. I also must say that there was quite a lot of publicity around the book.
There has been written about it in Dutch and Belgian newspapers, in Comic magazines in both countries and on several websites. I have also done some interviews for magazines and radio. The reviews were mainly positive to very positive, and I am -off course- very happy with that. But I also enjoy reactions of readers I got, like: "I felt sorry the book ended" and "When will Book Two appear?" Great!
If you want to read some quotes read this post. I hope I can bring you some more news about 'Scherven' within a few weeks...

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