Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comment and send!

As a comicartist it's not easy to get your stories published or get publicity about it. A lot of people still think comics are meant for children. But that's history since a long time. Especially Graphic Novels are responsible that comics are taken more serious, but, as I said before, there are not many ways to draw the public's attention.
A weblog is one of the posibilities and that's why I want to ask you, dear visitor, to send the link of this blog to people you think could be interested. You can help to spread my weblog all over the world!
I also would appreciate if you would leave a comment now and then (just click on comments at the bottom of an article), with a remark or a question or with something you would like to know. It will make my blog more dynamic and interactive. I count on you, dear visitor!

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Unknown said...

Only Recently I have read MAUS. Apart from its poor translation, learning about the were-abouts of common juwish people in Poland, it was quite some experience.
I very much appreciate Erik's endeavour to work out a script based on people who didnot make the History pages: truly common people. I am curious for the depth of the characters and situation, becuase there are only a few more years left to grasp first hand experiences.

All the best!

Marcel van Marrewijk