Saturday, October 4, 2008


Scrap1.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
After making sketches and descriptions of all important characters, I decided to visualize them also in another way. I made scraps (a sort of collages) of all persons from the first book. From Victor to Geert and from Chris to Maas. I wanted the scraps to have the atmosphere of the period in which Splinters takes place.
Scrap2.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
So I bought all kind of authentic stuff, like paper, accessories, used old photo's and newspaper articles to create that authentic feel. My goal was to get more grip on the different characters, to create some -fictitious- personal history. About a characters' background, profession, circumstances, etc... That would help me to have a clearer view on how each other would act and react in Splinters.
Scrap3.jpg picture by erikdegraaf
I don't know what I am going to do with the scraps. Maybe I put them in a special quire in the book or maybe I make a seperate booklet together with the documents and photographs of the part of the story that really happened.


Anonymous said...

These look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Lieve Papa,
Ik ben trots op je!