Sunday, October 19, 2008

The story so far

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My new story Splinters  is growing and growing. In volume and in atmosphere. I have almost finished page 135 and I think at least one hundred pages will follow before I finish Book One.
I also try to catch the atmosphere of the period during and around the Second Worldwar as realistic as possible. I will come back to that later in another post.
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The thread through the whole story is the meeting between Victor and Esther on saturday the 4th of May 1946 at a cemetery. A year after the war ended, they both visit the grave of a loved one. Their meeting brings back a lot of emotions and pain about the past horrible years.
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On the one hand Victor is very open in telling all about his adventures as a soldier fighting the Germans, about the dramatic events during the days in May 1940 and the loss of some people.
On the other hand Esther is reserved in talking about what she has gone through, although before the war she and Victor were loversand told each other everything.
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So Victor is telling a lot but when he asks Esther about her past years, she keeps distance and changes the subject. After some time at the cemetery Esther says she has to leave. Only after Victor urges her to make an appointment for the next day, she agrees. Victor hopes she will tell more about her war-years and how she survived.
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After Esther has left, Victor goes home, but his meeting with Esther has brought back a lot of memories. They don't leave him alone and he shares them with the reader. The reader does not only discover what has happened to him but also sees how his personality is changing during the war. That brings him to make a decision that will influence the rest of his life.
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